October 19 Event

Soup takes center stage in this special tasting prepared with lots of love and fresh ingredients by Brooke Johnson. At this tasting, you’ll have the unique pleasure of helping Brooke decide which soups to include in her new soup collection.  Cool, huh?!  Paired with new fall beers introduced by Rick Solchenberger of Goldring Gulf Distributing, this SipSavorTalk will be the coolest ever!

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Meet Brooke.

Brooke JohnsonGrowing up in Athens, Georgia, and thanks to her parents, Brooke Johnson was constantly around cookbooks.  The books’ ever present words and combinations drew her into testing its many recipes.  Soon, her home became the gathering place for high school friends.  So did her college dorm kitchen at Georgia Southern.  Fast forward a few years and this budding chef combined the culinary lessons she learned at the Art Institute of Atlanta with the improvisational skills she learned in a commercial kitchen and her love of soup cooking was born.