About Us

We love friends and food and meeting people, so there’s no better way to enjoy all three than SipSavorTalk.  The concept of culinary networking has been floating with us for a number of years and finally, the opportunity met the concept and here we are. Yay!

Think about it.  Wouldn’t you love to connect with your friends (and some of your family, too!) over a wine or beer or fancy drink tasting? Or learn how to incorporate a little extra something to ignite – or reignite – your taste buds?  Us, too! So, here’s how we’re connected.  Lloyd and Robin are hubby and wifey and Cecil’s their friend.  We’re all cheerleaders of this amazingly fantastic and historic Belmont DeVilliers neighborhood and are forever inviting people to come experience its greatness, including the food, music, architecture and most fabulous people.

Robin is a personality (in more ways than one), a connector and a talker.  She loves telling stories through motivational speaking, training, writing and film.  Her specialty is sharing the amazing cool and historic stories about the African American experience.  She’s been speaking and training and writing and telling stories for over twenty years.  Yes, she was five when she started.

Lloyd, an electrical engineer who loves research, networking and a simple drink, has been hosting networking events all along the Gulf Coast, including First Friday Networking in Fort Walton and the Pensacola Network.  He loves connecting people with resources and giving opportunities for people to connect.  He’s been connecting folks for over twenty years.  Yes, he was five when he started.

Cecil, a retired naval officer and perpetual chef, has had kitchens in his blood for a few generations and, with his family, opened Five Sisters Blues Café in 2010.  His dream was to share the love of cooking and family that his mother and aunts (the original five sisters) taught to him and his siblings.  He’s been cooking and sharing for over twenty years.  Yes, he was five when he started.

Anyway, that’s who we are and when you come to SipSavorTalk, you’ll see that there’s a bit more.  Well, okay, a whole lot more!

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